The Basics of the Balance Sheet

Last week I laid out some of the basics of good Profit & Loss design. This week, the Balance Sheet, the P&L’s more obscure sibling. There’s a lot to delve into on a Balance Sheet, so this is just an introduction.

The Balance Sheet is less intuitive and more technical than the Profit & Loss, and it is the place where people are most likely to want or need the services of a professional.

Basics of Good Profit & Loss Report Design

Some of my favorite projects involve creating or overhauling a Chart of Accounts so that a client’s financial reports are easier to read. Here is a quick presentation of the principles of good design for the Profit & Loss accounts, and some examples of common pitfalls. Does your P&L look like one of the bad examples? I can help!

Illustration of an analog numeric typewriter, superimposed on a paper chart of printed numbers.

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