Targeted consumption: Buy Black

Monday’s post gave some resources for investing your self-directed retirement funds in your community. Being mindful of where you spend your consumer dollars is another, more common, and easier way to support your community and align your money with your values.

Covid-19 was the prompt that first redirected my attention to supporting local economies, and even before the police murder of George Floyd sparked a human rights war (in the words of Nenna Joiner, founder of Feelmore Adult in Oakland and Berkeley), the effects on small businesses were racially inflected.

I know when these types of things happen, it tends to hit us, black people, the hardest, but it also hits our black-owned businesses the hardest, because we don’t have access to as many funding opportunities as other businesses do. So this is the time to really step up and support your small black-owned businesses.

—Tomara Watkins, founder of Loza Tam

Here are some resources to help you target your consumer dollars to Black communities and Black-owned businesses.

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