AlgoRythmics: A Quick Sort Küküllőmenti Legényes

As with any kind of data, there are multiple axes on which you might want to sort accounting data, and many ways in which you can perform that sorting.

If you’re going beyond the basic method of telling Excel to sort your data, you’ll want to know the pros and cons of different sorting algorithms that you might script. I won’t say that the AlgoRhythmics YouTube channel really teaches what a bubble sort is versus a quick sort or an insertion sort, but their demonstrations are a delight nonetheless.

In their Hungarian folk dance rendition of a quick sort, you can really see what it means to “pick a pivot and partition the array around the pivot.” (The hats give it away.)

AlgoRhythmics present the Quick Sort as a Hungarian Küküllőmenti Legényes

Illustration of an analog numeric typewriter, superimposed on a paper chart of printed numbers.

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