Mid-Century Financial Artifacts

I was out of the blogging routine for a couple of weeks because of my grandfather’s final illness, death, memorial, burial, and estate. While helping clean up his house, my sister and I spent a lot of time with the little treasure boxes he kept in his closet, and that we loved exploring as kids. I brought home a few goodies that are firmly in my lane.

Front and back of a Montgomery Ward National Charg-all Card that expired March 1969, back when my mother worked there (more on early credit cards here):

Front and back of a Soviet coin from 1933:

Front and back of a Canadian one-dollar note from 1954 (the more familiar loonie coin has been in use since 1987):

An envelope covered in running financial calculations, a method that I still use despite all my technological knowhow (and yes, I remember that El Camino):

In other news, it is worth noting that New York’s Fearless Girl statue will be moving to a new location in front of the New York Stock Exchange–the very spot that the Charging Bull’s sculptor hoped that his art would occupy when he introduced it in 1989. More on the histories and fates of the two statues here.


Illustration of an analog numeric typewriter, superimposed on a paper chart of printed numbers.

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